The Benefits To Being “Exclusive”

Let's talk about Exclusivity. For this piece I am talking about exclusive defined as "restricted or limited to the person, group, or area concerned." It's something that has come up in several conversations I had during the holiday week. Sprinkled throughout the break...

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How Appearances Can Be Deceiving ..

Dolphins cannot walk. Cats cannot open their own tins of food. Pigs cannot fly. Cows walk on four legs, not on two. Birds cannot make art as humans do. Appearances can be deceptive anyway. I have to admit, there are many things intelligent creatures can do and create....

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Stand In ‘IT’…Empower You!

Currently, we have a diverse global workforce. One, that is filled with new bright eyed professionals that are not as willing to just go with the old corporate paradigms. These young professionals and even ones that have been in the workforce for twenty years, Generation X + Y, are holding new ideas coupled with higher levels of anxiety, depression and stress.

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What the heck is a Microbead?

Microbeads - What are they? You are walking down the aisle with all of the zillions of selections of body scrubs and face washes. As you scan over the masses of bottles in front of you, it is overwhelming to figure out which one to choose. Well, let me make it a bit...

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