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Be Bold.

Our theme this month at Women Network is about women stepping into their power, their wonder and their gifts.

At a Marriott hotel near the Los Angeles airport where I recently attended a training, as I walked down the hall I saw a woman with beautiful, braided hair. Startlingly handsome, she was dressed in jewel tones and had a natural elegance to be admired.

“You look absolutely radiant,” I informed her.

Without missing a beat she responded, “You do too. You couldn’t see it in me if it weren’t in you.”

Women. I love good women.

From my room at that same hotel (well, the same hotel from which I write you now), I told my husband this story. It reminded him of a quote he keeps close at hand, “Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, mirror what you admire.”

Men. I love good men.

Our contributors live these principles and share their bold light with us. I esteem and regard each one of them in their careers and in the way they live their lives. And so I am proud to bring their thoughts and wisdom to you.

I encourage each of you to explore our posts on everything from how to ask for the money, by Meghan Cole to the advice given to Felicia Searcy by one of our time’s great woman thinkers, Jean Houston.

We have posts on moving your way into loving your body, by Jennifer Jimenez and moving past Cosmo’s advice into a real-life love of your own, by Jennifer Urezzio.

Whether we’re starting a new business or a new relationship, I doubt any one of us has ever laid our heads on the pillow at night, proud and energized because we held back, tamped down our light and chose not to dance with possibility.

It’s time to take some chances, stake our claim and make the world better for every single resident of planet earth by offering our own brand of greatness to the world.

Together, you and I, we are Women Network, and we are better together and we. are. RADIANT.


Michelle Pierson Young counts herself as one of the luckiest people on planet earth. She is a wife of 28 years to her “Dreamboat”, mother to 5 infinitely delightful offspring and blissful grandmother to her grandson. At 48 Michelle feels she is just now hitting her stride as managing editor for Women Network online magazine and as she experiences the world from the beautiful view of age and understanding. You can find Michelle’s many musings on life, business, family and feminism on her award winning blog Michelle At Play.


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