Heather Criswell is the founder of WiseInside, speaker, and author of the award-winning How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too) and Wise Talk from the Other Side. She’s the host of WiseTalk Radio, a podcast sharing a revolutionary approach to heart-centered communication. She’s worked with over 30,000 children and their families, helping them see their power, own their greatness, and communicate from love. At 21, she founded a unique preschool, and later opened a holistic wellness center. She’s dedicated her life to helping people step into their greatness and shine bright.
What’s your “why” behind what you do?
When we connect into our own wisdom, we ignite the power within and experience love for ourselves, our family, and our community.
What is your morning routine?
Look in the mirror and remind myself of my greatness. I talk to my soul and tell her I trust her and all her decisions, I’m proud of her, and I know that she is WiseInside.
What’s your personal advice on how to rise above adversity?
Remind yourself that you are worthy because you were born. You showed up, that’s all you had to do. Everything else is icing on the cake.
What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the past year?
I have to love myself…first. I am a better mother, wife, friend, and employer when I take care of myself….first. It’s far from selfish, it’s necessary to be the shining light I am meant to be on this planet.
What are you personally most proud of in the past year?
Loving myself. Reminding myself of my greatness. Taking note of all the gifts I have brought to this world and knowing that the world would not be the same without me. When I fall down, I get back up. Every. Single. Time.
What kind of legacy do you wish to leave behind?
A legacy of love. A constant reminder to the world that EVERYTHING circles back to love. We come here in love, with love, and for love.
Who is the most inspirational woman in your life and why?
I can’t say that there is only one inspirational woman in my life. I have had so many along the way, too many to count. I will say that the most inspirational women in my life are the women that live courageously. The women that step into the “arena” and speak from their heart. The women that risk everything to express the love and power unique to each and every one of them. The women that stand up for what they believe in…even if they are standing alone. They are the most inspirational women in my life.
What are you looking forward to the most at the 2017 California Women’s Conference?
Shining bright and watching the stage light up with magical souls coming together to share love, inspire, and guide us back to our greatness.

And if you would like to hear Heather speak, make sure you get tickets to the California Women’s Conference May 10-11 in Long Beach, CA.

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