Best Selling Author, Speaker and CEO of FIERCE Factor Lab, Nicole Roberts Jones is known for her ability to draw the best out of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, heads of states & celebrities through her expertise in business, program and talent development.   As the creator of the FIERCE Formula Nicole works with entrepreneurs to develop multiple streams of income building an empire from their expertise.  Her corporate training programs partners purpose with performance to develop high-performing employees who excel at work. Nicole has also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California and Boston University.
What’s your “why” behind what you do?
My journey to success started when I realized I had become someone that was defined by what everyone else said I should be and do. It was in this place that I discovered my power and began to grow me. What I learned in that moment over 20 years ago is that it didn’t matter what anyone else thought about me, if I did not even know who I was. As I began to explore ME and get to know me what I discovered is that it felt so dog on good being me, the true, authentic, real me as I began to stand unapologetically in me. Matter of fact it felt so good that I wanted everyone else to feel the same way in their own journey. It was in this space that I started to do the work I am doing today. This is what I call Finding Your Fierce as I have been working with women for the last 20 years to live as the highest and best version of who you are created to be, how you are the answer to a group of people who need you and will pay you.
What is your morning routine?
I have spiritual time to get centered and direction for my day workout & breakfast for my body and then I head straight into my office to do what I love every day
What’s your personal advice on how to rise above adversity?
You’ve got to get clear on what you want and then have the courage to go after it! What I know for sure from my own journey and through my work as a coach with women over the last 20 years is that each of us has a gift we are responsible for unleashing in this world. It’s like a baby you are pregnant with and no one can push that baby out but YOU. To do that, you must learn to push past anything that may stop you and be determined to make it happen.
What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the past year?
In order to live as the highest and best version of who I was created to be, have learned that I can’t get hung up on who Nicole was yesterday or who I am today. That version of me is over; instead, I have become a student of the gift inside of me. I am committed to life long learning and continuing to grow. After all you don’t get to one level of greatness and stay there. Oh no, you will have your next level to climb in order to grow YOU. To do this, I actively seek opportunities to grow that will inspire me.
What are you personally most proud of in the past year?
What kind of legacy do you wish to leave behind?
I want to know that I held the space for women to live as the highest and best version of who they were created to be. That women were no longer afraid to be unapologetically who there were born to be.
What are you looking forward to the most at the 2017 California Women’s Conference?
My goal every year is to serve more women so coming to the state I was born in and having the opportunity to serve the women at the conference allows me to do just that.
Are you ready to find your FIERCE? The gift in you that is the very way you were born to serve the world? In Find Your FIERCE, Nicole Roberts Jones reveals her step-by step-process, known as her FIERCE Formula, that she has used to coach thousands of women to create a life of purpose, power, and profit. Throughout the pages of this book, Nicole addresses the key ingredients you need to realize your FIERCE, identify how it is the answer to a group of people who need you oh and will pay you as you step into the abundance that is yours for the taking. Get the drive it takes to forge ahead in creating your breathtaking future and the insight you need to monetize the gift you were born with—the gift that no one else has but YOU. With this book, set your life and career on a mission to stand in ALL you were born to be!
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