The most important question you can ever ask yourself is “Who Am I?” Sadly, some of us get so busy “doing life,” making money, creating families, running businesses, starting new careers—that we never really stop to figure out who we really are.

Knowing yourself is realizing you were created as a unique being, and there is something special you can do better than anybody else. Once you figure out what it is, by discovering the true YOU, everything else will fall into place. It’s the secret to your success and happiness, business-wise and everything-else-wise.

Until I learned this, I was weighed down by trying to be perfect and do what others expected of me. I believed my happiness was in the material things, and I paid little attention to what my heart really wanted. I only believed in those things I could see or touch. Then one day, when my son yelled at me in the same angry voice I’d been using for years with him. I had a sudden awakening; it was time to work on myself.

My path to self-discovery led me to the principles of the ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono, It saved my life! I started my own business after separating from 20 plus years of marriage. I got out of my own way and began to trust my inner wisdom, letting the part of me that knows best guide me. I let go of opinions and judgments of others, and myself and now, I have more than I ever would have imagined in every area of my life.

Growing up we are either told to be perfect or we are not good enough. It’s human nature to go through life unconsciously replaying those “old tapes” in our heads.  The day I realized I could just be myself, a big weight lifted off my shoulders. Let me be the first to tell you if you don’t already know: You are okay just the way you are.

What other people think of you is not important; what’s important is what you think of yourself. You need to learn to put yourself first. The truth is, if something doesn’t work for you, it will not be good for anybody. Loving and accepting yourself has nothing to do with ego. If you do not love yourself, you cannot love anybody else. You cheat them—and yourself.

There are a few simple principles and steps to help you look at your life differently and develop a new “true” self image, which will in turn, translate into the success you are seeking.

Take 100% responsibility for whatever is going on in your life. Once you realize it is just your tapes playing, you can choose to stop them. They are like programs in the computer of your mind. If they weren’t installed there, they wouldn’t play. When a situation comes up, and you know it’s just the tapes playing, (you’ll learn to recognize them easier as you go along) use the “delete key” in the keyboard of your mind and erase the thought that created or attracted the situation. I know what you’re wondering: “How do I know which thought created it?” Don’t worry; there is a part of you that knows. You just need to give permission. “How do I give permission, how do I use the delete key?” Just say mentally “thank you.”

Once we take 100% responsibility, we discover we have two choices. We are free to replay the old tapes, or come from a deeper place inside, which I call inner wisdom or “inspiration.” Instead of having to be “right,” blame or judge, we can choose in any given moment to let go and experience who we really are; we have the power to change our lives without depending on anybody or anything outside or ourselves.

Why is bringing your “true self” important when it comes to making money, or having a successful business? Wouldn’t you like to be always in the perfect place at the right time? Wouldn’t you like to attract the right people to work in your business? Attract the best customers? Manifest money effortlessly?

Knowing who you are, your own God-given talents and gifts you were born with, not the ones you have acquired or were told you were “supposed” to have, is a surefire way to attract success in all you do. Simply think about something you would do because you feel so good doing it that you would do it even if you weren’t paid to do it—and you will discover your talents fit the same picture. This is a true alignment with your soul purpose.

People can tell when you love what you’re doing. Business just comes to you. Money shows up in your life. You are in the right place at the right time. You are willing to feel the fear and do it anyway—because you trust yourself!

Remember, your intellect does not know what is right and perfect for you. Allow the universe to surprise you. Your dreams can come true when you least expect it. “Everything” is up to you. The sky is the limit. It’s just you and your thoughts—which you have the power to change at every moment of every day.

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Mabel Katz

Mabel Katz iis an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, world peace ambassador and creator of Zero Frequency®. She is recognized as a leading authority on Ho’oponopono, or as she calls it in her books, “The Easiest Way” to happiness, love and wealth. Her teachings reflect Ho’oponopono’s ancient Hawaiian roots of problem solving and have evolved into her own philosophy of Zero Frequency®, a state where we are free of restrictive memories and limiting self-talk. Mabel has also been honored as a Peace Ambassador for her world-peace initiative, Peace Within Is World Peace, which was launched at the United Nations. Recently, Mabel has expanded her peace work to teaching children, including special needs children (Down Syndome etc), and their parents, as well as men and women currently in prison. Many have said Mabel has changed their lives forever.