Throughout my travels I received many messages from people asking how they could help! This question is a BIG contributing factor to my creation of the 4tunate movement where-in I am encouraging people/organizations/clubs/corporations to commit to 4 acts of service annually, that is only one thing every three months! It is a simple step that has the potential for great impact.

Recently, while attending an International Women’s Day Celebration with Women Network, I learned of an organization headed up by two amazing women. The organization is called Founded by two women, their goal is to reach one million people with clean water! To do this, they have challenged people to create or join teams and commit to donating $50 for a clean filter that will last for years!

Women Network members have rallied to lead the charge in creating teams and rallying others to join them in this clean water initiative. This movement has the potential to be so powerful and was recently featured in the Huffington Post! Check out the article and the short video…

I challenge you, start today and make this one of your 4 acts of service this year! So many people around the world would feel 4tunate for your support to bring them safe, clean water!

Stay tuned for more information on the 4tunate movement and ways you can help. We are Better Together!
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