Dolphins cannot walk.
Cats cannot open their own tins of food.
Pigs cannot fly.
Cows walk on four legs, not on two.
Birds cannot make art as humans do.

Appearances can be deceptive anyway. I have to admit, there are many things intelligent creatures can do and create. Evolution comes in a package along with innovation.

It’s only when we tap into a field of consciousness where possibilities are available in abundance, that ideas flourish and creation happens. This can be compared to the birth of a new life. Babies need the right time and the right place for conception. The soul may have been around for a while waiting for the right moment. That’s what I perceived before my children were conceived. I felt their energy beforehand, I knew there was a soul waiting to be given life to, which caused a longing in me and a readiness to accept them into my body and into my life.

Just as an embryo needs nine months to grow and develop before the time for birth is just right, ideas need a time of incubation, which may be conscious or unconscious. Being pregnant with our ideas, there is something, some energy pushing us to make greatness, possibly to make unbelievable endeavours. When we are nudged to go beyond our limitations and comfort zones, we are capable of going beyond what we think is possible. When we listen to the small voice of the woman inside, to the beat of our inner drum, to our own innate rhythm, we are capable of rising and truly shining. Not just for ourselves, it will benefit others too.

Staying small does nothing for anyone, especially not for yourself.
Step up for yourself.
Claim your power.
Tap into your essence.
Rise and shine.
It’s worth it!

Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ruth now lives in the north of Germany. She studied Communications Design in Kiel and worked as a freelance designer, illustrator, and artist. She is also an accredited Journey Practitioner and compliments her work with workshops, programs, coaching and is the author of several books, including "Woman Rise and Shine - a guide for women who want to be themselves", "Flown the Coop - a simple guide to dealing with transformation when the kids leave home" and "Nuffin" - a children's book.