It was a misty evening in February. The bus had just dropped me off across the street from where I lived. The time was 5:45pm.

“Good,” I thought. “I’ve gotten home early enough to pick up a delivery in the leasing office.”

As I walked across the street, the little green man indicating I had the right of way, a white car, turning left swerved to miss hitting me. As I griped at that car as it drove away, a red car swerved to miss him … and hit me instead.

I was thrown several feet through the air and landed face first into the tarmac. I was shocked. I sat up and felt the blood pouring down my face. Two teeth were missing. Eventually, I learned that I fractured my skull in several places, both sides of my ribs and hips, and both bones in my left forearm.

I was lucky to be alive … and myself.

That night, as I lay in the hospital bed, my fiancé (now husband) arrived. He looked terrified. So I held his hand and said, “I can’t wait to see what good comes from this.”

Attitude Is What Gets You There

That fateful February evening, my life was radically changed. And I had two choices: Resist what life had thrown me and rail against the unfairness of it all, or look for the silver lining and embrace the changes to my life, molding them into something I actually wanted.

Author Ralph Massengill says that “the happiest and most successful people do not necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.”

And that’s what I was doing.

Yes, I could have wallowed in my misery and held one heck of a pity party. I mean, it took me two months to learn to walk again and I was out of work for four months. But I thought, “Where would that get me?” So I focused on the positive and kept my spirits up.

Ten months later, I’m back to living my life. Yes, there is still some work and healing left to do, but I’m about 90-95% healed with very few limitations to what I can do in my life. I firmly believe that it has been my positive outlook that has played a large role in my fast recovery.

Search for Your Silver Lining

I’m an adamant believer in the existence of a silver lining within every dark cloud. In my own life, I’ve been able to find at least a kernel of goodness in every bad thing that has happened to me. I’ve experienced abusive relationships (yes, more than one). I’ve experienced the loss of loved ones. I’ve even experienced nearly being evicted from my apartment because I couldn’t pay the rent. But I’ve also grown, become a better person and found the love of my life because of all those experiences.

No matter what terrible thing may be happening to you at this moment — and from what I’ve seen and heard, I’m not the only one who has experienced a rather challenging and difficult 2016 — search for your silver lining.

Not only is it there, but looking for it and focusing on it will help you get through the rough spots. And, the more you become aware of what is right in your life, the more right in your life there will be to find. Some call this positive thinking, others call in the Law of Attraction. I call it a better way to live.

What you focus on expands. So why focus on what you don’t want?

My physical therapist likes to call me a walking miracle. I believe it was my relaxing into my experience of recovery, rather than railing at the world at large for how unfair it all was, and focusing on the silver lining that has been the key to my successful healing. Maybe you can learn something from my experience and live a better life, too.

Carma Spence

Carma is an an author, speaker and Certified Life Coach trained in universal laws and money mindset. She has a passion for self development and is committed to guiding women to achieve confidence, clarity and self-awareness so they can be, do and have the life they desire and deserve. In addition she is a curious cook, speculative fiction geek and "surthriver" of both bad relationships and "auto vs. pedestrian" accidents. She is blissfully married to a a wonderful man and blogs about food, speculative fiction, travel, writing, business and mindset.