It’s International Women’s Day! Today is for taking the time and space to stop and acknowledge the incredible contribution women are, all over the world.

In the name of celebrating this amazing day, here is my challenge to you: take the following three actionable steps.

    1. Acknowledge yourself. – What is it that you’re most proud of yourself for in this moment? What is your super power? Take a moment to own your unique amazingness. Often, as women, we can be so hard on ourselves. We strive for perfection which intellectually we know is not attainable but emotionally we berate ourselves for falling short. When we acknowledge ourselves for the gifts that we are, our light begins to shine so bright, it lights the path for others.
    2. Acknowledge another woman. – Which women in your life could use some extra love today? (hint: probably all of them!) Take a moment to send a quick text or pull aside a co-worker. Tell them what you love about them. Let them know you’ve noticed their hard work. Maybe you admire their kindness and willingness to give. Whatever it is, your genuine sharing will make their day better.
    3. Acknowledge a desire of yours. – What do you want? It could be something totally silly and indulgent like finally watching the latest season of your favorite reality show while eating cookie dough ice cream. Or it could be a deeper desire, like to find partnership. Or maybe it’s creative– you want to start painting again. Life has a way of turning into a grind and days or even weeks go by without us ever checking in with what we actually want.

By making these three acknowledgments, you will not only have set yourself in motion for taking inspired action, but also, you will have done that for the women in your life. Every action, no matter how big or small, creates a ripple effect.

Let’s send a ripple of women’s empowerment through the world today, together. Are you in?

If you decide to take on this challenge, please let us know! Share your story in the comments.

Kristy Arnett

Kristy Arnett is Editor in Chief of the Women Network. She is also a writer, speaker, Emotional Intelligence Coach and professional risk taker. For the past decade, she's worked in the poker industry as a reporter and player, and now as an EQ coach, Kristy uses her ability to read people and take calculated risks to get people desired results in their lives. Host and creator of the WTF Am I Doing With My Life? podcast, Kristy brings together people who are looking to answer this question in any domain of their life. From interviews with personal development and spiritual growth experts, to edge-of-your-seat personal story telling, the podcast is an honest, raw take on fulfillment, love, purpose and happiness.