Stand in ‘IT’…emPOWER You!

Currently, we have a diverse global workforce. One, that is filled with new bright eyed professionals that are not as willing to just go with the old corporate paradigms. These young professionals and even ones that have been in the workforce for twenty years, Generation X + Y, are holding new ideas coupled with higher levels of anxiety, depression and stress. Most of this is a bi-product of witnessing and experiencing the deconstruction of a capitalist infrastructure. The current life preserver has organically appeared via technology and provided all of our generations with the tools to educate others, DIY and evaluate ‘self’ by accessing the endless amounts of information from the vast number of search engines available today.  Which has given rise to more global conversations, questions being asked and less willingness to just blindly follow the baby boomers’ programs. In the near future, this will potentially require all of these generations to decide if they want to stay on the complacency train (aka stay with status quo) or get off. One by one, individuals are remembering they can empower themselves and make the changes to meet the needs/wants of the vision they hold for self and their community.

As noted, in this recent article from The Guardian, Sober is the New Drunk, the Millennial s appear to have an inner desire to live a balanced life with a propensity to free themselves of their underlying fears through clean living, meaningful experiences and relationships. The net result is an increase in their inner drive that wants to focus on building a well rounded life. While, at the same time, these young adults entering the workforce, in a soon to be a post-capitalist society, have a lot of valuable critiques they have observed from the past, a strong “BS” radar built-in (must of which has been cultivated through playing in and seeing how a virtual world can be manipulated) and are looking for authentic teachers and role models. The difference between the new generations and the seasoned professionals is the new generations are consciously and subconsciously performing an error analysis with a greater sense of responsibility and self imposed pressure to do better. The seasoned professionals are straddling the gap between the old and the new worlds. They are schooled in the old paradigm, many are still driven by the perceptual easy life and the greed that tends to drive capitalism. While both groups are asking a lot of questions and are attempting to test out the waters with their findings, failures, successes and visions for the future.

These questions potentially are the catalyst to the development of new systems for a way of living that has the capacity to benefit the whole. For the first time, in our recorded history, we, as a society, are finally aware that we are part of a global community. We can see the atrocities taking place on this planet. In some instances, we might feel helpless; however, there are many new innovations that will assist the way we implement solutions, build new businesses, develop relationships and address social issues that we can no longer turn away from. Many have criticized the Millennial s and the TBD generation following close behind; however, I have a deep sense that they are actually are ready to sit in ‘it’, stand in ‘it’ and roll up their sleeves and begin to make things right.

Are you?

If so, I would not expect anyone to read one article that could perpetuate false hope or insinuate that someone else will do it. It will not be that easy. All of us, the remaining greatest generation, the Baby Boomers, Generation X+Y, the Millennial s and the TBDs are needed to pave the way into the future for the generations to come. There is no magic wand or messiah going to come down from the sky to fix the problems we have made. We are the ones that have the power to transform what we have created. There are a few initial steps to begin the process of empowering you and laying a foundation for a regenerative future.

Where do we start?

1. Look Inside

Pick one area within you that you want to bring into balance, integrity and/or peace. Start there. As you take responsibility for your individual set and setting, the innovation begins to arrive and these seeds for new solutions will support your inner and outer landscape. Start small, hold self accountable and do not put a time constraint on it (i.e. # of days or weeks). Everyday can be day one. For example, if you want to reduce your stress level, find tools that work for you and provide the results you want. Work on it! When you learn how to manage your stress your life can begin to move with greater ease and presence with the physical world around you. You will be able to see clearly and discern where to place your attention and focus.

2. Look Outside

Pick one area within your community, city or town that you want to improve, grow, assist and/or see an idea through from start to finish. This might be at work, volunteering or within your family. Keep it small. See it through, even if the outcome is not what you thought it would be.  This practice will lead you to new ideas and understandings of how to assist the community around you.

3. Code of Ethics

In design school, we were encouraged to write down our design philosophy and to continue working on it through out our entire career. It is a powerful experience to take that a step further and write down your own code of conduct. If inspired, write your codes down for self and do your best not to adopt ones that have been passed down from an organization, family member(s) and/or a theological belief system. Let those words come up from your heart and soul. Keep it simple. This will be a way finding device to assist you in deciding where your life is mirroring rite action for you. In addition, you will know when it is best to walk away from a situation that is not aligned with your ethics. You always have free will and can exit stage left. This will also give you the inner strength to simply reply, “Wow, NO!” When or if you are asked to do something that violates your code of conduct (aka ethics).

4. Keep Going

The process to assist in an inner and outer evolution will be humbling and liberating which will take self discipline, stamina, a soft gaze and a willingness to keep going.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a deep sense that the Millennial s and TBDs are actually ready to Sit in ‘It’, Stand in ‘It’ and roll up their sleeves and begin to make things right.

Are you?

These initial steps will give each of you a sense of where you want to focus your energy. Your focus, follow through, ethics and stamina are what will begin to transform and empower you to assist in paving the way for the generations to follow.

Written By Suzanne Toro