Darrell Gurney – Author, speaker, trainer and Founder of The Back Forty

“We are looking forward to connecting with powerful and empowered women! Over the last year of bringing out our message of The Back Forty, we find that it has landed most on empowered, professional women. Most of our initial program participants have been women with Masters degrees, though the inspiration and hope is for everyone. Therefore, we say our work is for “Empowered Women and Enlightened Men”…and we hope to meet many of both at this year’s conference. We will have a booth right across from the WomenNetwork booth, we will have VIP tables and, word is, we might make a special appearance on stage with Michelle as part of a group of empowered 30 Voices.”

Anna Crowe – Speaker and Founder of Crowe PR

“Meeting incredible women and learning from them.”

Tonya Fairley – Speaker, Personal Development Trainer and Coach

“Hearing from other amazing women that are making a difference in the lives of others and making life-long connections.”

Nicole Roberts Jones – Best Selling Author, Speaker and CEO of FIERCE Factor

“My goal every year is to serve more women so coming to the state I was born in and having the opportunity to serve the women at the conference allows me to do just that.”

Pat Quinn – Presentation Consultant and the Head Judge of The Speak Off at this year’s California Women’s Conference

“I am looking forward to helping as many speakers as possible at this year’s event! As the head judge for The Speak Off I will be coaching the 20 contestants live on stage… but everyone in the audience can learn and apply the lessons I am teaching as well!”

Evan Money – Happily Married, Bestselling Author, Global Entrepreneur, Ph.d, #1 Fan of Michelle

“Inspiring women to thrive in their marriages.”

Make sure you get tickets to the California Women’s Conference May 10-11 in Long Beach, CA.

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Tickets: http://bit.ly/2dJlxsv
FB Event: http://bit.ly/2mgLvef


Women Network is the proud producer of California Women’s Conference, the largest two-day women’s conference in the nation. The 28-year-old tradition of this historical event brings together people from all walks of life including internationally known speakers and A-list celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Goldie Hawn, Gayle King, and more. The Conference is also a marketplace of ideas with exhibits, networking opportunities and panel discussions.